Tips for attending an allergy clinic appointment

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Give yourself plenty of time

Give yourself plenty of time to park (hospital parking can be a nightmare) and to find the outpatient department.


Write out your questions to remind you what you wanted to as during the consultation. If your child has a complicated health history, write out a summary, current medications, and any drug allergies to save time in the consultation.


Check if you need to bring any foods with you to the clinic for testing – not all clinics have an extensive range of skin prick solutions. Remember, if allergy skin prick testing is being performed, antihistamine medications cannot be given for up to 5 days before the appointment.

Photos & notes

Keep all relevant photos in a separate album on your phone that you can access easily. Write notes of the reactions with timings and description to provide accurate information to the healthcare provider.


Don’t apply any creams on the day of the appointment, as these can affect allergy skin prick testing.


See if you can take someone with you to entertain your child while you listen to what is being said. Take snacks and toys (or a tablet) to keep your child occupied during the appointment and waiting times, which can sometimes be long. Play doctors and nurses with teddies to help them become familiar and comfortable with the idea.


Take along snacks for yourself and a coffee in an insulated cup to ensure you stay energized and comfortable.