Gluten Free FAQS

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Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by people starting out on their gluten free journeys.

Q. Are there many other people like me? I feel very alone

A. Please be assured, you are not alone. At least six per cent of the world’s population live a gluten
free life, that’s close to five million people.

Q. Where can I go to get some help?

A. Free From Living’s social media channels are a great place to start. Our Facebook page offers a safe space to ask questions of other people living free from lives and our experts too. Coeliac UK is a charity which offers support and guidance. It has over 60 different in-person groups for people who are gluten intolerant, across many different age groups. Of course, the most important place to start
is always with your GP

Q. Are there any foods that are naturally safe?

A. All fresh fruits and vegetables are free from gluten, as are fresh meats, fish, seafood and eggs. Beans, potatoes and rice are gluten free, as well as nuts and seeds. Natural dairy products are gluten free, with the exception of blue cheese. Herbs and spices are gluten free in their natural state, but sometimes spice mixes can contain gluten. Sugar is also gluten free.

Q. What do I go if I accidentally eat gluten?

A. Don’t panic and drink plenty of water to help push the gluten through the digestive system more quickly. Adding ginger or lemon to the water can help to settle the stomach and balance the body’s natural ph levels. Then, rest and give the body time to heal. The most important thing you can do if you’re worried is to get in touch with your GP.