Equal Eats

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Navigating the culinary world with dietary restrictions can be challenging. Equal Eats, a global leader in allergy travel cards, is transforming this experience. Founded in 2020 by Kyle Dine, who has multiple allergies, the company was inspired by his personal experience of an allergic reaction while traveling. Since then, Equal Eats has helped over 15,000 people dine with confidence.

Equal Eats provides allergy translation cards in 50 languages, catering to allergies, coeliac disease, and special diets. These cards communicate dietary needs to chefs and servers, ensuring meals are prepared safely. Each card undergoes professional translations, expert proofreading, and native speaker review, ensuring accurate communication of vital allergy information.

With print and ship centres in the USA and the UK, Equal Eats efficiently delivers its products globally. The cards are credit-card-sized, durable, and double-sided with English and the chosen language. The company also offers an app for even easier access to translations.

The Equal Eats team, many of whom live with food allergies and coeliac disease, understand their customers’ challenges. They are committed to creating quality products that their community deserves. Equal Eats is breaking down barriers, allowing individuals with dietary restrictions to enjoy global cuisine with less worry. It’s not just a company; it’s a passport to a safer, more enjoyable culinary journey.

Experience the freedom of dining without worry. Visit www.equaleats.com today and discover how
Equal Eats can make dining out and traveling with dietary restrictions easier and safer.