Keto Baker London

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Public awareness for a healthy, low carb diet is rapidly growing in the UK. After countless discussions with suppliers, industry experts and each other, Patrick and Corina became aware that something was missing from the UK market. They like sandwiches, cakes and pizza and eating low carb does not mean that they had to give those up. Their Keto Baker London low carb products offer pleasure without regret – and the best organic quality possible – by allowing you to eat all your favourite foods, but with a twist.

Patrick and Corina love good food and believe that a low-carb diet should be not only nutritionally balanced, but it should also taste great. Their Keto Baker London dough mix is super low carb, high in protein, rich in fibre, gluten free, vegan, and responsibly farmed. They simply could not find such products in grocery stores in London, so they had to make our own.

Unlike many other low carb breads on the market, they never use additives, thickeners or emulsifiers and they stay away from added gluten, yeast, or eggs. Instead, they use natural, plant- based ingredients such as flaxseeds, hemp protein powder and psyllium husk to bind the bread together. Therefore, the Keto baker London bread mixes have approx. 90% fewer carbohydrates than traditional white bread and can be easily integrated into your low carb everyday life.