Seven ways to reduce the cost of living with allergies

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As a frequent traveller, it’s really important that when I get home, I have quick, easy affordable meals to eat. The last thing I need is to be stood cooking a fresh meal after a long flight. It’s no secret that life is getting very expensive, particularly for people with allergies so here, I’ve shared my top tips for affordable eating for the free from community.

  1. Scratch cooking really is the most affordable way to eat, especially for people with dietary requirements. Ditch the ready meals and expensive cook at home meal kits, in favour of home cooking. Free From Living’s recipe section includes a plenty of ideas.
  2. Tik Tok is going mad for the air fryer which is a great piece of kit and uses much less energy than the oven. But, another energy saving, kitchen lifesaver is the slow cooker, perfect for cooking tasty, family meals. There are plenty of recipe ideas online.
  3. If you’re a meat eater, examine the cuts of meat you use. A whole chicken can feed four or five people and costs much less than five chicken breasts. That said, try not to eat meat every day, for financial and health reasons.
  4. Use seasonal vegetables that are as local as possible. Many fresh fruits are imported for the other side of the world and create unnecessary air miles as well as expense. For example, avocados can be switched for the humble pea to create a pea-a-mole.
  5. Invest in a freezer, some good Tupperware and batch cook. Choose a recipe, double the ingredients and dish up the spare into a Tupperware, to defrost and heat through at a later date.
  6. Shop around and have a look at supermarkets you don’t normally go to for new offers and deals. Asda has a great range of free from items, which are often the most affordable.
  7. If you’re following a gluten free diet, consider whether you need bread every day. Gluten free bread can cost up to three times more than regular bread so cut down, pop a loaf in the freezer and use as and when needed.
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