Children’s books on allergies for World Book Day

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It’s estimated that between five per cent and eight per cent of children have a food allergy. Leading scientists have warned that by 2060, up to 70 per cent of the UK population could have a food allergy. This grim statistic serves as a reminder of the importance in educating all children on the challenges of allergies. Whilst all children may not suffer, there are simple ways to help them understand what their friends, classmates and teammates are going through. We’ve picked out three books about allergies to share with children this World Book Day (March 2nd .)

  1. The Cookie, a story of friendship and food allergy
    A book endorsed by a consultant in paediatric allergy and immunology, this book is about two friends who share everything, until one suffers an allergic reaction after sharing a cookie. It’s for children up to the age of seven years old and recommended for those with a new diagnosis.
  2. Food Allergies and Me, A Children’s Book
    This book is an old one, but still very relevant. It’s a ‘day in the life’ style, walking through a day at school, an appointment at an allergy clinic and a trip to the park. Whilst aimed at an American audience and not covering every eventuality of a life with allergies, it’s a really nice introduction to navigating daily life with allergies for children up to the age of eight.
  3. You, Me and Food Allergies
    This non-fiction book is backed by Allergy UK. It contains explanations, advice and tips, combined with bright, bold illustrations and is a perfect guide to navigating free from life for children (and parents) of all ages.

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